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Wasipunko, Nasca

My father, Bartolomé Martin Sejuro Ibarra (1910-1991) born in Nasca, ordered to build our house near a ceremonial center of the ancient spirits and directed the construction with foreman Mr. Supanta under the premise of protecting their offerings.
And I Olivia, his daughter, wanted to convey this ancient magic, converting the original ranch into what is now Wasipunko.
Wasipunko can be distinguished by being part of a select group of Peruvians who are trying to rescue the traditional cuisine and cultural festivities of Nazca.
Wasipunko offers our visitors the opportunity to travel in space and time, thanks to its historic home - garden built in the late 1950s. Photo of the house.

Address: Panamericana Sur Km 462
Phone: 51-56-956790111 - 51-56-631183
E-mail: info@wasipunko.com
Facebook: Wasipunko Agroturismo

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