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What you can do?

Experiential tourism

We share with our farmer neighbors’ lifestyles.


We offer our hosted tours where they can not only live landscapes but community-social experiences also.

Organized camping

Natural reserves

Lines and Geoglyphs of Nasca, National Reserve of San Fernando, Pampa Galeras National Reserve.

Experiential chaccu

The Chaccu is a big party developed in the Andes, it is about circling vicuñas through out extensive areas of high Andean grassland with a human fence surrounding the herds and familiar groups, where people through music, singing, shouting and movements in good spirits and lead to a funnel, the end trap where suitable for shearing vicuñas are classified and thus obtaining its valuable fiber, then releasing without risking the life of this important natural resource. Probably the etymological meaning of the word is herd cattle. The initiative for the realization and the Experiential Chaccus on behalf of the Rural Community of Lucanas, is a new way of approaching the relationship between tourism and the actual activities of our people, so that more people and businesses are informed, participate and be identified with this natural resource.

Touring the vineyard and wineries

In this program have selected a group of wineries, from the place that live up to the name of this zone, Pisco valley and the main producer of Peru, Ica, with the aim to introduce participants to all aspects of the varieties of pisco well as guided visits with the specialists of each winery.
The "Night of Pisco" which is part of our program, will be a night where we share what everyone who is involved want to express, feel and discover about our Pisco.
All this together, where we will also have tastings and more in an evening that will be unforgettable.

Conventional tours

Sun and flavour program (Palpa - Nasca)

Southern andean via road

The southern Andean via road is a reality. The richness of nature, biodiversity and number of people going along this route from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.
Tourism along the corridor, from this part of the territory adds value to many possibilities with a number of adventures. One is offered on the corridor Pampa Galeras National Reserve, 90 km by road, to Cusco leaving Nasca, about an hour and a half's drive.

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